Breastfeeding made simple.
Personalized experience.
Backed by science.

We create personalized experiences for new parents, using advanced data driven technology and science that generate positive breastfeeding experiences, higher success rates and healthier babies.


The idea behind Gulp started when one of the co-founders and his wife had their first baby. They were surprised to realize that breastfeeding wasn’t easy at all and were continuously concerned whether their baby girl had nursed enough! They were also surprised that so many other parents had similar concerns.

They thoroughly searched for clinically validated solutions to help them feel more confident in breastfeeding, but found none.

So, they formed a team made up of experts in business, technology, and lactation to solve this fundamental challenge.

Their diverse expertise and shared experiences fuels their vision to develop innovative data driven technology to help parents raise healthy babies.

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of mothers have concerns over breastfeeding!


of mothers fail to achieve their intended breastfeeding goal.


Empower parents in their quest to raise healthy babies.


We work with the leading sensor, pediatric, lactation and human computer interaction experts in the world.

By employing clinically validated breastfeeding and assessment tools we are able to develop a trusted solution.

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The founding team has a diverse, yet complementary set of skills. It is made up of experts in business, technology, and lactation who share a passion to solve this fundamental challenge.

Gulp is advised by a cadre of business leaders, scientists, pediatrics and lactation experts with backgrounds spanning across University of Washington, University of Chicago, Georgia Tech, Microsoft, Amazon and more.